The 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Brings Standard Conveniences

There's nothing better than knowing that the car you're eyeing comes with plenty of features and amenities as standard, with even more options available for upgrade. Such is the case with the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid, an efficient yet stylish sedan that's perfect for frequenters of I-10. The team at Honda of Santa Monica can't wait to show you just what to expect.


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The 2018 Honda HR-V Wins 2018 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award for its Segment

For Honda, being deemed superior is about more than just recognition. The brand works hard to create vehicles that drivers in Santa Monica and beyond deserve. For the subcompact crossover segment, the 2018 Honda HR-V has been granted the 2018 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award thanks to its value, meaning drivers can get more for their money.

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Advantages of Horsepower

When shopping for a new car, you may come across the term horsepower, but what is horsepower and how does it relate to cars? Horsepower is simply a unit of measurement that helps car manufacturers differentiate how their cars relate to other models. Here are some points to help you better understand horsepower:

  • Horsepower - Simply put, horsepower is the amount of power produced by an engine. In cars, this would be related to speed. The faster you want your car to go, the more horsepower you need. 
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Why it’s Wise to Keep a Full Gas Tank

There is a common misconception that operating your vehicle with a fuel tank nearly empty is a more economical way to run it. The logic is that less fuel means less weight, which means more fuel efficiency. This is true but it is not as significant of a gain as people tend to think and it also puts you at risk of ending up out of fuel and stranded on a roadside somewhere.

Another huge risk factor is the water vapors that end up in the empty space inside of the fuel tank. These vapors group together in the walls…

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Tire Tread Keeps You on the Road

If you have ever been driving and felt like your car, truck, or SUV was all over the road, one thing you might want to check before anything else is your tire tread. Your tread is what gives you traction on the road and without it, it can be very difficult to maintain a safe-feeling ride while you're driving.

This effect is amplified in wet road conditions. Without the right amount of tread on your tires, they cannot displace the water efficiently, which leads to your tires slipping and your vehicle hydroplaning. Neither of these is a comfortable feeling…

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